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Our new Linux service is called linux.bath.  Staff and students can access academic software to complete their coursework and run their research using a Linux machine.

Using linux.bath

About linux.bath

It is Ubuntu based. It has up to date versions of academic software available.  We have installed all requested software on linux.bath including Git, Matlab 2015b and Maple 2016.  We welcome requests for other required software.

Linux.bath matches our desktop Linux estate which is also running Ubuntu.

Linux.bath is our general use Linux machine.  You can also ask us about our HPC service if you wish to do heavy computational tasks.

Retiring LCPU in July 2017

We will be retiring LCPU in July 2017 at the end of Semester 2. Our new Linux service, linux.bath, replaces LCPU. Necessary security updates will be installed on LCPU but requests for new and updated software will not be accepted.

Posted in: Digital Data & Technology Group


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  • Sounds great. Why not a few screen shots?

    • Thanks for the nice comment. We hope you enjoy using it.

  • Is it possible to have the Boost C++ library installed? libboost-all-dev and a couple of other bits python-cheetah and swig