We're pleased to let you know that Microsoft have now released a Mac client for Skype for Business. This replaces the existing 'Microsoft Lync' client that was previously available. This client takes a huge step in bringing parity between our Windows and Mac estate in terms of capability and now, more than ever before, our Mac users can experience the same level of integration with the University's Communications & Collaboration infrastructure as our Windows users do.

If you have 'Self Service' on your Mac then you can download the Skype for Business client directly, by clicking on the Self Service icon in your dock and selecting 'Install' under 'Skype for Business'.

In addition, staff already using Skype for Business at the University can install Skype for Business on your personally-owned Mac. Once installed, open the application and enter your University credentials as follows, replacing 'abc123' with your own username. You can find your username on your library card:

  • Email address: Staff should enter 'i.surname@bath.ac.uk' where as for students it's 'abc123@bath.ac.uk'
  • Password: Your University password
  • User Name: Enter 'campus\abc123'.

Find out more about Skype for Business being rolled out to all staff at the University on our blog post.

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