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You may be having an issue printing due to an issue with one of the print queues.

To resolve this issue, you will need to change the default printer on your PC to the PostScript print queue.

How do I change my default printer?

To change the default printer to the PostScript print queue:

Click Start
Select Devices and Printers
Right click on the printer called PostScript on MyPrint
Select Set as default printer

Printing from Microsoft Office or Acrobat

If the PostScript on MyPrint or \\MyPrint\Postscript printer does not appear as the printer:

Select File
Select Print
Click on the down arrow on the printer selection box
Select PostScript on MyPrint or \\MyPrint\PostScript
Click Print

Why is this happening?

There are two main queues within the Managed Print Service – General and PostScript. There is currently an issue affecting the General print queue and a resolution is being investigated.

Thank you for your patience whilst a resolution is investigated.

For all other issues please log a ticket

Posted in: Printing

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  • With respect, for us to be able to follow the instructions here, we need to know where we must be in order to find a "start" button on which to click, then "Devices and Printers", etcetera. I have a linux operating system: presumably "applications" is equivalent to "start", but I see no "Devices and Printers".

    To be honest, I am not concerned anyway if printing will only stop for a few hours.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate that the instructions are generally aimed at Windows PCs but I will certainly pass your comments on to IDPS to see if the instructions can be updated.