Better, easier committees, boards and meetings - and cheaper than using paper.

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If there's one thing that a university likes, it's a committee, a board, and meetings; groups of people getting together to make decisions, often about documents of some sort.  Managing those meetings can be troublesome, either using paper or emailing documents, because of cost, the labour needed to manage and produce prints or update emailed copies and the lack of a searchable archive of the committee's business.

Business Support Systems' response to this is BSS Boards, an electronic Board/Committee management application in use within the University of Bath, which has been developed in conjunction with the Head of Secretariat, Angela Pater.  It has already been rolled out to nearly 140 decision-making boards and committees across the University, but it can also be used by anyone who wants to manage a board or committee, or indeed any group of decision makers who need to keep records of their meetings and/or review documents (even team meetings).

Board Administrators can:

  • Set up Meetings, automatically generating templates for agenda and minutes
  • Upload documents for review/consideration, separating normal documents from reserved (confidential) documents
  • Manage the board constitution - who can see/use the board and who has access to standard and/or reserved business documents
  • Store, manage and search all contents of the document (inside the documents as well as the title and other meta data), creating a committee record.
  • Create and manage minutes documents during the meeting (or not, as preferred).
  • Convert documents to PDF and merge multiple documents into a single PDF inside BSS Boards. This can be easier for board members to digest than lots of separate documents.
  • Use (or turn off) automatic notifications to members
  • Create custom notifications for members

Contact the team to discuss how BSS Boards could help you to manage your meetings.

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Posted in: Business Support Systems, Digital Data & Technology Group


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