Phishing attempt: Email from HR about a pay rise

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We have been made aware that over the weekend of Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 of February several users were sent emails about about a 13.86 % payrise. Please be aware these are fake phishing attempts. Please do not fill in any documents or enter any personal information. If you are concerned, you can forward any emails to the team at and they will advise.

If you have clicked on the link and filled out the documentation, please visit the Service Desk on Level 2 of the Library, or log a help ticket  for further advice.

Below is an example of the phishing email:

Subject: Your 13.86% Salary Raise Documents

The salary structure for 2017 Fiscal Year (FY '17) was reviewed
and it was noticed that you are due for a 13.86% salary raise on
your next paycheque starting February 2017

The salary raise documents are enclosed herewith.

All prorated bonuses and deductions are also advised therein



Posted in: Security


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