In my previous post, I explored who we mean by 'the Customer' and concluded that anyone who wants something from us is our customer.

In this post, I ask:

'Is the Customer always right?'

The quick answer is 'No'.

That may be a surprising response to some of you, but consider this: would you tell your GP how to treat your illness?

My GP is a trusted advisor - a technical specialist in the area of general medicine.  When I am unwell and want to consult my GP, I tell her that I am ill and want to be well (the Business Need), what symptoms I am experiencing (Business Requirements) and not what disease I have or how to treat it.  I rely on her expertise to diagnose my illness and recommend a treatment path.  I understand that things aren't always straight forward, so that path may change if necessary.

Within the context of the University and specifically working with Computing Services, our customers are experts in the business and understand the Business Needs; we understand systems and how to satisfy those Business Needs, so together, we can drive the University forward.

Bring us your Business Needs, your Aims and Visions of what you need to achieve and we will work collaboratively with you to work out the details, then develop systems and processes to satisfy them.

If you want to contact the team, you can email us at, or by raising a ticket for us. Just make sure to mention BSS at the top of your description and it'll get to us.

Until next time.

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