Adobe Flash is retiring

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Adobe have announced the end of support for Flash Player from the end of 2020,whilst browsers will continue to support Flash up until this point they will discourage its use as time moves on and it will be removed by default in browsers from late 2019. The University hopes to remove provision of Flash Player by the same point and not extend its use.

Adobe Flash is continually targeted by malware and hackers due to the large number of vulnerabilities found within in it. Whilst Adobe do update the software frequently it means that a computers can be behind in their updates and remain vulnerable.

In the past Adobe Flash has been used for presenting video and interactive web experiences but it is already being replaced with more modern and safer options.

While Adobe Flash is going to be supported for the time being, we request that you don’t purchase any new services that are reliant on Flash.

If you have any content that is reliant on Adobe Flash now and it will be needed beyond 2019 then you should contact Computing Services to investigate how it might be update or supported.

We will be publishing further blog posts about this in due course.

Posted in: Security


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