Birthday celebrations and continual improvement for IT services

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We're celebrating a second birthday at Computing Services!  It's two years since we introduced a new way for you to get help with your IT.  In that time over 113,300 service requests and 13,400 incidents have been raised by our customers and resolved by our teams.  Our aim is to continually improve the way we support staff and students at the University.

What you can expect from us

An important step in meeting our commitment to consistent IT support and delivery is the publication and adoption of our Service Charter for IT Support.  The aim of the Service Charter is to provide ownership and accountability for our services and a baseline which will be reviewed each year.  Our service targets include:

  • response to 100% of service requests within 5 working days
  • resolution of 90% of incident reports within 2 working days

The Director of Computing Services, Andrew Lee confirmed the importance of the Service Charter.

We welcome the Computing Services Service Charter as a clarification for our colleagues and students on the standard level we expect all our services to achieve. This provides a platform for the next iteration of the Computing Services Strategy, due in 2018, to complement and help deliver the University Strategy.

Posted in: Digital Data & Technology Group, Service Desk

Read our Service Charter for IT Support


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