Crystal Maker software packages now available!

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CrystalMaker, CrystalDiffract, & SingleCrystal software packages are available for use as follows:

Installing on a personal device:

  • Available to download from Secure Downloads
  • For staff & students
  • Available for Windows and Mac OSX devices
  • We have funding for this for 1 year only at present (ongoing funding may not be available in future)

Installing on a staff Windows PC (Claverton campus only):

  • Available to install via 'Software Centre'
  • Not licensed for any other site

What can CrystalMaker do for you?

  • Generate high-quality graphics and animations, plus export movies.
  • Supports 3D visualisation (with red/blue glasses) and the LEAP motion controller, which are potentially useful for interactive teaching.
  • The graphics engine has been completely rewritten to work on OpenGL, and it can therefore handle rendering fairly complex structures.
  • Manipulation includes generating crystal surfaces and combining structures (e.g. placing molecules in the pores of structures such as zeolites); there is also some basic modelling capabilities that are being actively developed.
  • CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal, can be used to work with powder and single-crystal X-ray data, respectively.
  • In particular, CrystalDiffract allows you to compare simulated and measured diffraction patterns, and to simulate patterns for multi-phase mixtures and crystals with different particle sizes and preferred orientations.






Posted in: Digital Data & Technology Group, Software Licensing


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