SAMIS unavailable Wednesday 14 March from 7:00am until 5:30pm

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From 7am on Wednesday 14 March, SAMIS (including SAMIS on Web) and the Tier 4 booking app, for hourly paid workers will be unavailable. This work will begin at 7:00am and should be completed by 5:30pm, however due to industrial action and the availability of key staff, there is a risk that the work may take longer to complete and extend into the following day.  Please check status.bath for further updates on this maintenance.

SAMIS is being moved to a more modern software platform that should provide better performance under higher loads:

  • The new architecture will be scalable in a way the current one is not.  This means that on days like results days where the system runs very slowly we can provide additional computing power to maintain good levels of performance.
  • Because the new platform will share less infrastructure with other systems, there will be less impact on SAMIS when other systems experience high loads.

Thank you for your understanding, whilst we carry out this improvement work.

Posted in: Digital Data & Technology Group, SAMIS


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