Upgrade of Global Protect - the app that allows a secure connection to campus remotely

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The GlobalProtect app allows people to connect to the campus VPN remotely and securely.

We intend to upgrade GlobalProtect for Windows and MacOS on Tuesday the 12th June. This new version introduces an enhanced user experience through a more modern and streamlined user interface and a more intuitive connection process.

The new app features a new and simplified interface that enables end users to view and modify GlobalProtect app settings, manage notifications from a central location, and connect to or disconnect from GlobalProtect more seamlessly.

The new interface offers:

  • A status panel that displays the state of the GlobalProtect connection and allows end users to connect to or disconnect from GlobalProtect
  • A settings panel that allows end users to view and modify the GlobalProtect app settings.
  • Seamless connection experience from the status panel or sign-in window.
  • Resilient connection that enables GlobalProtect to reconnect automatically after network interruptions.
  • Centralised notification management.

After Tuesday 12th June any GlobalProtect app user connecting to our VPN will be offered an upgrade. If taken the new version will be seamlessly installed and the new interface become active.  The new interface will look similar to the image below and will be identical in both MS Windows and MacOS systems:



Posted in: Computing Services


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