E-mail account closure for graduating students 2018

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Account closure arrangements for graduating students

Unless otherwise notified, students leaving in summer 2018 will be allowed access to their computer accounts until Thursday, 31 August 2018.

Students will receive an email when their record in the student database is removed, stating exactly when their account will be closed (which will be at least 30 days from the date of the email).

Leavers should ensure that they have taken copies of any documents, emails, address books or other data they may require before their account is closed, as recovery may not be possible afterwards.

Leavers should also ensure that they have registered an alternate email address with Facebook, and any other web sites they may have signed up to with their University email address, before their account is closed.

Alumni email account

All final year students are entitled to a BathMail account (@bath.edu email address). Powered by Google, this account makes the perfect post-Bath email address. You will receive your BathMail account in June 2018. Please note no emails from your University account and no information will be transferred.  You can find out more about the BathMail service and you can contact the Alumni Relations Team at alumni@bath.ac.uk.

Students starting another course

Students who are completing their current course of study this summer but who will be starting another course at the University of Bath in the autumn (including students completing a two-year Foundation Degree and going on to do the top-up year) need to take action if they wish their account to remain open throughout this period. Please email account-closure@bath.ac.uk giving details of the course you will be starting. Depending on the status of your application we may need to seek confirmation from the Academic Registry.

Please note that in certain circumstances the presence in the database of an application for a new course may cause the account to be locked (or put into a state in which only Registration-On-Line can be accessed) as soon as the record for the previous course is removed. If this happens to you just email account-closure@bath.ac.uk as described above, but please also include an alternative means by which we can contact you (should we need to) before the account is reopened.

Posted in: Computing Services

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  • Hi, I am looking to save the information or transfer the data from my old email ephl20@bath.ac.uk to my new alumni email account. Please advise how do I do this?

    • Hi, you'll need to contact our IT Service Desk team at: go.bath.ac.uk/it-help who will be able to advise.

  • I have just finished MA Ed at Bath and commence EdDoc 01st Jan 2019

    • Hi, you'll need to contact our IT Service Desk team at: go.bath.ac.uk/it-help who will be able to advise.

  • Hello. I was just wondering if the date of account closure for students graduating this summer (2019) will also be the 31st August 2019? Thank you.

    • Hello Sarah,

      Thank you for your comment. We will shortly be communicating with graduating students regarding account closure, so look keep an eye on the blog for that. In the mean-time, I can confirm that the closure date for this year will be 31 August 2019. Many thanks, Liz.