At the beginning of this year, we held a series of software presentations to learn more about different products and see how they can benefit our students and staff. We invited staff from across departments to participate and help us to see the software from different perspectives. The feedback we received was great and has helped us make decisions about which programs we should add to our existing software range.

All the transactions have now been finalised and we are excited to announce that the University has purchased a site licence for Essay Writer. This means that the program can be installed on all the University computers with the help of IT Supporters and can also be installed on private computers by all University of Bath staff and students.

Please visit our Knowledge Base to find out more about the program and go to the Essay Writer Website to learn how to download the program.

We have also purchased a limited number of loan licenses for Read&Write, Equatio and FindMyFlow.

To gain access to Read&Write, Equatio and FindMyFlow, please book an appointment with one of the Assistive Technologists.

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