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After every training session we carry out, we ask our delegates to complete a short feedback form on their views of the course and the IT Training service in general. We then hold regular reviews of this feedback as a team to discuss how we can make things even better than they are already.

One main item of feedback that we were given was:

"You currently start your courses on the hour and half past the hour, it would be good if the start of these could coincide with the timetabling of academic classes otherwise it means academic staff may miss the beginning of a session."

For those that are not already in the know, academic classes start at quarter past the hour and finish at five past the hour.

You'll be pleased to know that, as of September, we will be starting a majority of our courses aimed at staff and postgraduate students at quarter past the hour to fit in with the academic timetable. This will enable you to attend the whole training session.

Thanks very much for your feedback. As you can see, it is very important to us and helps us shape a great IT training facility here at the University. You can always let us know at if you have any feedback you wish to give us outside the normal surveys that we ask you to complete.




Posted in: IT Literacy

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