Wiki upgrade and how this will affect you

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We have had the Wiki for several years now and since Computing Services has taken ownership of the service we are planning to maintain updates and upgrades regularly.

We will be upgrading the Wiki to version 6.6 and migrating to a supported operating system.

Once this is complete, we will then be reviewing unused spaces and removing these to comply with the GDPR. If you are a user, administrator or space owner of an unused Wiki, this is likely to affect you so please read the following carefully.

Phase 1: Upgrading the Wiki (29-30 August)

We have not upgraded the Wiki for a while and we need to upgrade it now to improve user experience and security. Changes and new features are listed in Atlassian’s Release notes. A great new feature is collaborative editing where you can see who's editing the page with you, and watch their changes in real time. Changes are automatically saved and synced so there's no need to manually save. You can decide when to publish the changes.

What will be happening to add-ons?

The upgrade means that add-ons and macros will also be updated. As add-ons have improved, some free add-ons will now be payable. At this stage it is difficult to tell who is using which add-on so we have them in the list below. We will not be renewing the payable version at the moment so please contact us if you are using these add-ons. If we are not renewing it now it does not mean we will not have them in the future. If you are not sure if you use these, check the add-on details:

  1. Formatting
  2. Checklists
  3. Composition
  4. Forms for Confluence
  5. Numbered headings

When is this happening and will the service be unavailable?

The upgrade will take place on the 29 August and it will be unavailable for two days. While this is happening we will ensure you will have access to a read only version of the wiki.

What you need to do

  • As a user or administrator of a space you will need to ensure read through release notes and have a look at what add-ons or macros you will need for your space/s.
  • Make sure you are prepared that if you use any of the listed add-ons above, they might be incompatible in the new version and your space may be affected. if so, please contact us at
  • The Wiki will be unavailable for the duration of the upgrade. Make sure that you prepare for the downtime.

Phase 2: migrating the application to new operating system and removing unused spaces

We need to move the Wiki to a different platform which is supported once the Wiki has been upgraded. This should not affect the way you use the Wiki however due to GDPR we will be reviewing old Wiki content.

We have not set a date for when this will take place but we will be keep this blog updated with further information once the date has been confirmed.

Posted in: Corporate Applications & Databases, Digital Data & Technology Group


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  • What do you mean by 'listed above', and how do I check what addons I'm using?

    • Hello James

      I will forward your question to the project team who will be able to advise.


  • Will it finally work properly on mobiles and tablets, would be good if it does!