First stage of Wiki upgrade a success but there are some known issues

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The first stage of the Wiki upgrade, detailed in our previous post, has now been implemented and overall it has been successful. We have received a lot of feedback which has been great but we also wanted to highlight some known issues that have been raised when using Firefox to access the Wiki. We are currently working with Atlassian to resolve these issues but we have also provided workarounds.

Issues when using Firefox

The Wiki features that do not work are:

  1. Copying page
  2. Editing Restrictions
  3. Linking add-on
  4. Downloading attachments
  5. Adding labels

The current workaround for is to use another browser such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

We will keep this post updated for resolutions or new issues. If you would like to give us feedback, add to the list above or highlight any other issues related to the upgrade please email

Many thanks


Posted in: Corporate Applications & Databases


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