Phishing attempt: gift card scam

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We have been made aware that some members of staff have been receiving very short e-mails pretending to be from someone they know (for example, heads of department) with a subject line similar to "Are you on campus?"

If you respond, the attackers ask you to purchase gift cards and send them the codes/card numbers.

These are targeted spear phishing attempts using information about you and your department that's available on public websites and directories. They take advantage of name recognition to get you to act. The "From" names displayed have been forged and the "From" e-mail addresses are from non-University of Bath email services (e.g. gmail). However, your email software may only show you the "From" name making these attacks harder to spot.

If you do receive a suspicious e-mail, do not hit "Reply" or give information, please use our guidance to report these emails.

If you are unsure, contact the real person you know using a phone/mobile number or email address from a source you trust such as your address book, Person Finder, or from an official website and ask if the original email was legitimate.

Posted in: Security

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