Second Phase - Reviewing Wiki Content and re-platforming operating system

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Emails have been sent out to many space administrators now and a lot of responses have come back with the modified date being inaccurate. The way in which we picked up old spaces looked at ANY page that had not been updated since 1/1/2017  AND the date the space options were modified. This unfortunately means that a lot of spaces that are updated regularly on some pages will be picked up. We have since fixed this but as emails have already been sent out please reply with a 'keep' and your space will not be removed.

Also, emails from are legitimate and are not a phishing email.  

Thanks again for your co-operation with the first phase of improving the Wiki. By now everyone should be used to the new upgraded version of the Wiki so we would now like to move onto the 2nd phase: Reviewing Wiki content and re-platforming of the operating system!

What this means

Currently the Confluence Wiki application is running on the operating system ‘CentOS’ and we will be moving to ‘Red Hat Linux’. This is a supported platform, which will not affect the way you use the Wiki, however due to GDPR and general Wiki maintenance we will be reviewing old Wiki content.  We do not plan to move across any spaces that have not been modified for over 18 months.

When is this happening and will the Wiki be available?

The re-platforming is planned to take place on 31 January 2019 - 1 February 2019. The Wiki will be read-only at this time, so please prepare for this.

What you need to do

By the end of this week we will be sending emails to administrators of spaces that have not been modified after 1 January 2017. This email will include the URL and space name of the inactive space and you will need to respond by telling us whether you want it to be moved onto the new platform. If we have sent you an email but we have not received a response we will not move it to the new platform.

Other questions you might have...

How do I know if I am an administrator of an unused space?

Hopefully you will know but if the space has been inactive for a while you may not be aware that you’re an owner or administrator. We will be sending out an email to administrators and creators of spaces that have not been modified for over a year and it will then be your responsibility to inform us if this space is still needed.

What happens if I do not respond to an email about my space?

If you do not respond before the re-platforming your space will not be moved over.

What happens if I do not respond, my space is removed but I really need it back?

We really hope that we've given enough time for everyone to review their spaces and respond to us but if you weren't able to and you really do need that information we can restore it back. However, this will not be permanent and we will only have access to the removed spaces 3 months after the re-platforming.

What happens if all administrators have left the University?

The space will not be moved over. So now will be good time to review your space administrators. This should be done by administrators but if they have left and as a user you still access the site, please email us and we can assign a new approved space administrator.

What happens if my space has been modified within the last 18 months?

Any space that has been modified within the last year will be moved across and you will not receive an email from us.

Please look out for an email from us and if you have any questions please email us on Thanks again for your co-operation!



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