Microsoft Teams has a really useful facility called Who. This feature shows who manages, works with and/or works for the person whose name you type in - really useful, for example, when the person you want to contact is away and you need to find someone in the same team.

Once you've accessed Who, it will live alongside all of the people you've recently corresponded with in Chat. If you can't see it in the list, click on the three dots ('More added apps') option in the left-hand frame and click on Who.

When it is in the list, just click on and, at the bottom of the pane (where it says 'Type your questions here'), type in the name of your contact, then press the Enter key. Alternatively, type a W, select the question (e.g. 'Who works with' or 'Who knows about') and type in the name/subject, then press Enter.

You should then see the name, contact details and 8 buttons (well, 8 at the time of writing - who knows how many there might be when you're reading this!!):

The three larger buttons at the bottom enable you to see the person's manager, who they work with and their peers. These are shown in a new view (or new conversation, as we're in 'Chat') underneath the person you typed in, so you'll need to scroll up to get back to your person (or type their name in again) if you wanted to see their manager and then who they work with.

The 5 smaller buttons along the top will start a chat with the person, create an email to them, show where they fit in an organisation chart, start a video call or start an audio call.

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