Getting the attention of your team members in Microsoft Teams

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There are many ways of getting the attention of other members of a Microsoft Team. You can:

  • '@' somebody specific in a channel - e.g. @Joe Bloggs
  • '@' a specific channel to notify everyone in that channel of the Team - e.g. @general
  • '@' a specific Team to notify everyone in a Team - e.g. @Office 365 Project

You can also mark messages as important by selecting the rich text editor when creating a message:

Text box in Teams showing the rich text editor and important buttons when creating a message

A new feature recently added to Microsoft Teams is the "Announcement" message type whereby you can grab other Team members' attention for any major announcements. Again, this is accessed using the rich text editor then selecting the "Announcement" type in the top right of the box:

The announcement selection item in the rich text editor in a Teams message

New features are arriving all the time in Office 365 and Teams and you can keep up to date with major changes on this blog.

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Posted in: Communications & Collaboration

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