Change of format for unit mailing lists

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On the 1st of September, there will be a change to the format of unit mailing lists and groups; these will now incorporate the academic year.

This change is being made to improve communication with students on taught postgraduate courses (where there is an overlap of outgoing and incoming students), and also to remove the need to freeze the unit lists over the summer, given the increasing variability of course start and end dates (especially with on-line courses).

How will these new lists and groups look?

If we take an example of the Computer systems architecture 1 course run by the Department of Computer Science in Semester 1:

  • Current format: bath:units:dep-comp:CM10194-S1, which generates:
  • New format: bath:units:dep-comp:CM10194-1819S1 and CM10194-1920S1 where 1819 is the 2018-2019 cohort and1920 is the 2019-2020 cohort. This, in turn, generates the following lists:

The lists will be sorted as pairs, where the same unit exists in both academic years, to be as clear as possible that there are two lists and that the user needs to pick the correct one.

The new system will run two parallel sets of groups and lists from 1st August until 31st December, after which the ones for the previous academic year will be removed.

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