Reflections from IWMW2008

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My colleagues and I returned from Aberdeen in the early hours of this morning after several days talking, thinking and twittering about the web.

It was great to spend a few days away from the office and it gave us an opportunity to reflect on what we're doing in a new environment with some kindred spirits.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly listening to Ewan Mcintosh deliver his keynote speech "Unleashing the Tribe". Many of us go to the event and talk about things we're doing in our own Universities but it was great to hear real examples of how social participation has changed the way people interact. The talk was really inspiring and gave me lots of food for thought.

Ewan confirmed my belief that the new generation give little thought to their professional identity which made me realise we need to step up a gear when it comes to educating our students. I've already delivered a presentation on this as part of our Web Sessions but I'm sure I'll be looking at ways we could work with our SU to spread the message even further.

I also found Paul Boag's "Battling Bureaucracy" parallel session extremely useful. Paul gave some expert tips about getting your message across and ensuring everyone has a voice which I'll certainly take onboard.

As for me...

I spoke about my experiences moving from Edge Hill University to the University of Bath.  It was great to get feedback from colleagues in other Universities similar to Bath and to reflect on how the fundamentals of managing a website are largely the same regardless of size, position and goal. We all wish to provide a seamless and valuable user experience and whether we're focused on recruitment or research we want to ensure users get to the information they want quickly and with no pain.

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