Fun with Scrum

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In the last couple of months we have started to use Scrum to manage our development projects. If you are within earshot of our office you will hear people using words like 'Sprint', 'Backlog', 'Velocity' and 'Impediment'. People have new titles, our clients are 'Product Owners', Phil and I have been 'Scrum Masters'. It's all quite exciting.

I've always felt uncomfortable with traditional project management but using an Agile project management methodology like Scrum eases all my concerns. It's fair to say that even if the waterfall method ever worked it's unlikely to be seen on the other side of this economic crisis, everyone needs to be more agile.

It's very easy to talk about our experience of Scrum as the process includes the 'sprint retrospective'. This has allowed us to look at how the last iteration of the project went and how effectively we are using Scrum to manage it. The Scrum Master takes responsibility for making improvements so that the next iteration is more productive.

The benefits we are seeing already are:

  • The progress of the sprint is clearly shown through the use of a burndown chart
  • The Product Owner has to tell us the priority of all the required features
  • The team are committed to the sprint goal because they plan the work that is included in the sprint
  • Any impediments to tasks are identified quickly at the Daily Meeting
  • We are starting to understand how quickly we work (our velocity) and can therefore commit to realistic deadlines

We have started Scrum with relatively little pain, this is largely because of the enthusiasm everyone has shown. That being said it's interesting to see that often the reason cited for the failure of Scrum is that the team weren't rigorously following the process. We realise we haven't got this nailed yet so our expectations have been modified accordingly.

We need to learn more about things like estimation and how to start Scrum with clients who have never been closely involved with a development project. I'm looking forward to this as I think we are already more focused, productive and working more closely as a team.

I would be interested to know how other people are project managing or their experience of Scrum.

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