Being a SCRUM Member

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In SCRUM there's an essential role that has to be fulfilled by someone who can't partake in the work tasks from a project. They are called the SCRUM Master.

That isn't to say that the SCRUM Master doesn't have tons of work to do. In fact, if they don't do their job properly, the "sprint" of tasks the team are to undertake isn't properly organised and hence affects their productivity.

So if you're not the SCRUM Master, surely you'd think that it's unfair as you're doing "actual" work rather than "mere" project management? Well no, in fact. The SCRUM Members (it's not an official term I don't think - I made it up. I'm imaginative like that) actually have it easier. Your entire focus is on your task at hand, nothing else, and that task should have been broken down into a working day-sized chunk but no more. You have nothing else to worry about, even when you get to a point that you can't do your work - that's for your SCRUM Master to do! They deal with impediments on your behalf you see 🙂

A recent example was when Phil had a pile of support queries to deal with which were stopping him from getting on with his project work. His SCRUM Master Andy Male took those tickets away from Phil and dealt with them, allowing Phil to get on with his tasks.

Essentially, it's the SCRUM Master's role to make it as easy as possible for you to get on with your work and from my observation that takes a lot of effort. With all that hassle taken out, working becomes much easier for the members.

A truly fair management style! The rest of Web Services seem to agree.

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