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On Thursday (14th May) Pamela Agar, Head of Digital Media and Marketing from Imperial College, and I ran a seminar for CASE Europe. Our aim was to move people on from 'wouldn't it be nice' discussions around Web 2.0 to showing practical examples from Universities that have benefited taking a different approach to content delivery.

"Beyond the hype: getting the most from your web presence" featured a range of presentations from Jeremy Speller (UCL) talking about iTunes U to Jane Van de Ban (Birkbeck) dispelling some of the myths regarding writing for the web. The day was really interesting and some of the presentations insightful. As a co-chair my ability to take notes (and fully engage) was somewhat limited but I did note down a few observations and things that I'd like to investigate further.

5 things I learnt / hadn't considered:

  • It takes users a millisecond to make a judgement in your website
  • Duke University (US) gave away iPods to all students in 2004 - 5 years ago and we're still talking about it now!
  • Warwick are creating a system whereby you upload a video and the branding is added automatically and the video is then published. - A real step on for 'quick and professional video'.
  • Imperial hand pick related articles for ALL news stories - this keeps people engaged for a lot longer.
  • Using web stats to inform international office about potential new markets / trends (via @jamesmellor).

A few things I want to investigate further:

  • iTunes U (and iTunes U private) - Until Thursday I wasn't aware of iTunes U (Private) and love the way UCL are using this to store lectures (via Moodle)
  • Google Insights - via @picklejar
  • Capturing more video content for our website

If you're interesting in knowing more have a look at the twitter conversation.

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