Why we are removing the surfing page

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UPDATE: The surfing page was deleted on 30/10/2009

There are a vast number of pages on our website, but we are starting to get a handle on pages that have been abandoned or are no longer necessary. The surfing page is a good example of this. It was created a long time ago when people didn't have much experience of the web, obviously a lot has changed since then.  We ran a test to see what the page was being used for and the resulting 'heatmap' shows you which parts of the page are clicked on most frequently.


As you can see the two most active spots are links to Google and Yahoo plus a small amount of activity for Google Scholar.  The rest of the page receives almost no clicks.  This data from our test shows that the link to Google receives over 85% of all clicks on this page:

Crazy Egg Surfing clicks

We will be using this kind of information to help us decide how to develop and maintain the website.  In this case it's clear that the page can be removed although in this case we will update the page for a short time before it's deleted for good.

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