Managing content more effectively

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Last November I delivered a presentation to our Executive Committee which highlighted a number of concerns regarding our website.

I began by highlighting the importance our website played as a communications and marketing tool, a fact which everyone agreed with, and then went on to drop a bombshell... our 404 page is the 6th most accessed page on the entire site!

I followed this by demonstrating some of the other key issues with the site; duplication, out of date content and lack of ownership.

Our Senior Management team had little awareness of the problems (and of course why would they?) but I was encouraged to hear my presentation had shocked them and that they were concerned.

A Web Content Review was requested with immediate effect and I have since been involved in looking at how we can turn this around. Today the outcomes of this review have been published and we can now begin to really work on "improving the effectiveness of the University’s website".

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