Our CMS - What do you think?

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Our first CMS site was published at least 2 years ago. Since then, academic sites plus a few others have been moved to the CMS, so it's a good time to look at how the CMS is working for us. The University is investing in the web site so the CMS will be important in helping us to achieve our aims.

We got together for an hour to brainstorm under 5 main headings:

  1. What problems do non-technical users have?
  2. What's good about the CMS?
  3. What do I want in a CMS?
  4. What's bad about the CMS?
  5. What benefits have maintainers seen (in our opinion)?

Nine of us came up with 116 items, so we've got quite a lot to digest. Happily they were quite well distributed.  The key will be making sure that we identify and prioritise items that will have the biggest impact for everyone using the CMS.  Making these changes will be important for both Web Services Content Editors and Faculty Editors.

It's clear that the WYSIWYG editor is a big issue for us and others creating content and almost everyone wants to edit in HTML. The interface isn't very intuitive; it can take quite some time for new editors to get used to the way it works.  On the positive side, it's easy for us to make changes to the central template so that everyone will get updates immediately. We can also create macros that allow people to easily include complex content (videos and staff profiles).

One of the benefits of using a CMS has been to reduce the number of copies and versions of Dreamweaver across the University.  As a result we've improved our support to site editors and can resolve problems much more quickly.

We would like to hear about your experience of using the University CMS. What changes do you think we should make?

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