Bore da! Shwmae?

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So here it is, eagerly anticipated I’m sure, my first entry on the team blog. Just in time to still call myself the ‘new girl’. We have another new team member starting on Monday so I’m taking full advantage whilst I still can!

I’m just coming to the end of my second week here and have finally managed to pull myself away from the dizzying myriad of information that I’ve been trying to digest and write a little something about myself.

First, an introduction, “hi, my name is Jenni, and I’m a web content editor”. I’ve been working within higher education web teams for about three years now, previously working at Cardiff and Glamorgan universities respectively.

For those who might not be sure what exactly a web editor does, then a brief explanation would be that I create or refine content to make it work on the web. It’s my role to make sure that pages are engaging and attractive to the user and work within certain style and tone guidelines.

There is a favoured saying when building websites that, ‘Content is King’. I would have to agree, however much our users might love our design, if the information they need isn’t there (or they can’t find it) then we aren’t doing our job properly.

A current favourite website of mine is William and Mary University in Virginia. The tone of voice they use is quite American and perhaps wouldn’t work in the UK but they’ve done a great job in keeping the same quirky tone across the whole site. It’s a challenge for any institute of size to demonstrate the same standard of images and writing across a site that, in many cases, can be sprawling and unwieldy.

This will be the challenge here, to begin to develop a better understanding of our tone of voice and pull together the main areas of the site to make it feel joined up and logical. I’m enjoying getting started!

Oh, and the title of this post? In keeping with the fact that I live in Wales I thought I’d give you a little Welsh lesson. It means "Good morning! How are things?"- feel free to say hello and let me know how you are!

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