Measuring homepage success

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Since we announced the launch of our new homepage we've been asked about our criteria for measuring homepage success. This is something we intend to monitor and refine over the coming months but for now you can see what we're aiming for:

Success criteria

  • Increase in visitors to international pages to 15% - currently 10 per cent
  • All calls to action are used
  • Increase in traffic to features and key areas - eg. Study 5%, People searching for Programmes, interacting with the features area (previously links to news articles with no pictures)
  • Lowered bounce rate
  • Set process for adding promos

Increase in visitors to international pages

Currently 10% of international visitors to the home page will then click through to the international pages.

We would like to see this percentage increase as a result of the new homepage design and the stronger focus on the international areas of the site, this should be measured over a period of 6 months from home page launch.

This can be measured using Google analytics.

All calls to action are used

We will monitor the calls to action using both Crazy Egg and Google Analytics. This will allow us to remove any that aren't being used after a certain period of time or consider how we could amend them for a better result.

Set process for adding promos

Having a set process to add promos should reduce the time spent creating them, and hopefully remove the reliance on the web designer to always be involved. This will be measured by keeping track of new promos as they are added and getting feedback from the team and those who wish to add them as to the time taken and the simplicity of the process.

Increase in traffic to features and key areas

We have figures for traffic to areas such as Induction and Open Day from the home page promos we have used in 2010, these (and the general visitor numbers) can be used as a baseline to see if recorded visits increase with the new features and key areas on the home page. We can also use Crazy Egg to monitor if there are large areas of home page real estate that aren't getting any traffic.

Lowered bounce rate

From the 24 October 2009 to 24 October 2010 the bounce rate for the homepage (external and internal traffic) averaged 56.46%

As a general guide, for a home page, a bounce rate of less than 20% is very difficult to achieve, anything over 35% is a cause for concern and over 50% should be worrying.

Our aim (a suggestion) should be to reduce this figure to less than 35% over the next 3 - 6 months after it goes live, which can be measured using Google Analytics.

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