Cookies and EU

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There is an EU law coming into force on 25 May about websites needing to ask users before storing information in cookies - the relevant bit about cookies is paragraph 66 (just search the doc for 'cookie' - it only appears once!).

Since everyone and their dog seems to have an opinion about the effect of this, I thought I'd have a bash too 🙂

The new legislation should not apply directly to any of our applications since there is a clause exempting cookie storage where needed for a site or application the user has explicitly requested.

There may still be a problem for Google Analytics, CrazyEgg and other forms of web tracking but Google haven't made any comment yet.

In the worst case, this means that we can't use user journey and click tracking tools like Google Analytics without first asking the visitor we want to follow, which probably means a much smaller set of data on which to base things like our web development standards. We do get some stats from our web server, so we could tell which browsers were being used, but little else.

This is an extremely interesting field at the moment, in particular in the light of recent news about Google and the German government failing to reach an agreement over the tracking of visitors' IP addresses. What lies ahead for Germany may well lie ahead for the rest of us too!

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