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For our September 2011 Open Day we put together a single-page destination specifically for the event.

The percentage of visitors to our site whom Google Analytics classifies as using "Mobile" devices currently runs at 3.4% (up from 1.4% this time last year) but since we always see a spike in mobile traffic on an Open Day and during the days leading up to it we thought we'd try and make a little more of it.

Time was tight and we only had a couple of days to get something up and running (many thanks to Kelv and Liam for pulling it all together!), but we managed to go from my "spec" on the back of a Dilbert cartoon (no, the irony was not lost on me!):


to this in photoshop:


to the real thing:


It highlights and links to some of the pages we know to be the most trafficked over past open days, as well as having some unique information like allowing visitors to download the mp3 audio tour. Most of the links are to our fixed-width desktop site, but that's an obvious target for improvement on our next Open Day in July.

We promoted it in two places - firstly from our Mobile Bath site on m.bath.ac.uk but we also displayed a lightbox to people visiting our main homepage on www.bath.ac.uk who had a screen width of less than 800px - this was the only worry I had over doing this work - although it's a very small number of people, would it be invasive enough to cause complains? Well, we had a feedback form available at the bottom of the mobile open day page, and all the comments were positive!

In the end I think we probably launched a day or two too late to capitalise on the traffic effectively but it was a great experiment to do and we took a lot away for future projects of this type.

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