Three months and counting...

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I have been here for nearly 3 months now and thought I had better introduce myself.

I am the Web Supporter for the University of Bath. In other words, the friendly face at the other end of the RT queue here at Web Services! So far it has been a very interesting and varied role with a range of queries about all things web and delivering training courses on the Content Management System. It is a very different environment after working for Wiltshire Police previously but at least I don’t get chairs thrown at me anymore!

During my time here so far I have attended the Web Dev Conference in Bristol which had some really interesting presentations about HTML5 and Designing for Emotion. Some exciting things to come I think in the world of web.

I have also been compiling statistics regarding the queries and requests we get through the RT system and I have found some very interesting facts regarding the queries that we get.

Did you know that in November:

  • 10% of tickets received needed more information from the requestor
  • The top query was to ask about making changes to a CMS page

So please make sure you include as much information as you can when making a request or raising a query.

I have also made an analysis of tickets in the last 3 months and the number of tickets resolved within 1 day has increased by 34% and the number of tickets resolved within 1 week has increased by 35% - so we are definitely going in the right direction as you can see:

Graph of RT queries resolved in 1 week
Graph of RT queries resolved in 1 week

I am really enjoying myself here and look forward to bumping in to one or two of you around the campus soon.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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