Beyond the 'website'... what do we do in 2012?

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Back in January 2010 I wrote a blog post detailing the work we do beyond managing the website. Two years and a few months on I thought it would be useful to revisit this and look at the projects we are engaged with now.

Naturally lots of things have changed. We now have our mobile site, international scholarship applications and a URL shortening service to add to the list (to name a few).  We also provide a wider variety of training courses and support to a growing number of users. This is all in addition to the work we lead on to ensure digital communications are audience focused, effective and most importantly correct.

As the demand for Digital Marketing services and expertise continues to grow we need to ensure we are equipped to handle the requests coming through to us. But... that's another blog post!

For now here is an updated list of the services we manage 'beyond the website'.

Please note this list is not exhaustive.

Service / Application name Brief description
Mobile Bath Mobile website giving access to a range of services including news, person finder and pc availability.
TeamBath website Management of the TeamBath CMS (which is now hosted in-house)
Alumni website Management of the integration between the University CMS and NetCommunity
URL shortening Bespoke university URL shortening service
International Scholarship Application System Application system to manage scholarship international scholarships
Application Hub A user-focused interface to the Application Tracker.
Postgraduate Applications Providing some specialist advice on the design and layout of the postgraduate application form (a service which is managed by the SAMIS team in BUCS)
eCards Application to send eCards from the University of Bath
Learning Materials Filestore (LMF) Storage facility for sharing large files (developed in-house)
Wiki Collaborative tool allowing the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked pages
(third party software hosted in-house)
Content Management System System for managing the content of our website(s) (third party software hosted in-house)
Blogs Blogging service (third party software hosted in-house)
Opus (integration with CMS) Development of features to use Opus data (publications) on our website(s)
(developed in-house)
Person Finder / Person Info Staff and student directory
(developed in-house)
Group Manager Online Group Management service
News system Central news system used by our Corporate Communications team to publish news articles (third party software hosted and further developed in-house)
inPictures Picture gallery for promotion of events (developed in-house)
Play Multimedia channel for video and audio content (developed in-house)
eProspectus (UG & PG) Online prospectuses both external facing and admin interfaces (developed in-house)
(Use of) Google Analytics Generation of reports for Recruitment and Admissions, Corporate Communications and Academic Departments (third party software further developed in-house)

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