How good is our content? You tell us.

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We’re working on an exciting project to improve the University’s online communication with staff, and
we need your help.

In reviewing the website sections that make up our Professional Services (HR, Estates, Research Development Support Office, Finance, etc.) we've learned, amongst other things, that there are:

  • 46 website sections
  • 5000+ web pages
  • 4000+ documents (mostly Microsoft Office and PDFs)
  • 5,000,000+ web page visits per year
  • 200+ Editors, coordinators and contributors maintaining this content.

What we don’t know is how clear, informative or useful you find these websites, so we've launched a survey to find out.

Whenever you visit a website with a survey link, please use it to tell us about your experience - it's anonymous and only takes 3-5 mins to complete. We’ll use your feedback to make improvements to website content, design, structure and search, so your opinions really count!

Thank you for helping us make our websites better for everyone.

If you've got any questions about the survey just email us

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