Want to cycle bits of your page? We can help

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Right in the middle of our homepage is an area of featured news which cycles on a timer. When we were originally implementing this feature back in 2011 we had a look for a library to drop in, but couldn't find one which met all our requirements:

Progressively enhanced
The page needed to present a working page to visitors without javascript - the most important feature needed to be loaded and we didn't want the left/right controls on-screen if they weren't going to do anything.
Cycling HTML blocks
Most gallery-type features will cycle an image, but we had an image in a div, usually with some text underneath. In practice, we really need to be able to cycle between arbirary blocks of HTML.
Low initial page load
The obvious way to solve this problem is to transfer all the data on initial page load and show / hide different elements as required. The problem with that solution is that it loads all the assets up front, and we were talking about a series of high quality images. To be kind to our visitors on low or limited bandwidth connections we wanted to only load elements when they were actually going to be seen.

We also had to consider the maintainability of the library and the content it displays - obviously the homepage changes frequently so it couldn't be a major job to do it!

We couldn't find anything which solved all these problems so we rolled up our sleeves and created our very own jquery plugin. It has proven useful to us - not only on the homepage, but also elsewhere on our site. Now, a few years on, we have released this code under the Apache license for the world the enjoy. You can find it on github under the "bathweb" organisation. Keep an eye on this - we aim to release other interesting and (hopefully) useful code in the future.

The repository contains a working example and all the docs you'll need to get it up and running. Why not check it out and have a go?

Posted in: Development