Getting to grips with Data Protection

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Data Protection isn’t the easiest subject to get your head round, but it’s essential that everyone at the University understand their responsibilities under the 1998 Act. The University recently updated its Data Protection policy, and the content on the current site needed to be replaced.

New content

Normally when updating a site we'd use the results of a user story session to validate our research, map out a content structure and help teams create new content, but in this case the Data Protection team had already rewritten the content (in MSWord) and had it signed off.

While the content was all factually correct, it had been written before user needs had been properly identified.

Tackling the information

Our challenge was to take the 43 pages of complex information and work out who would want the information, why and what they would do with it.

We knew that the content was going to need heavy editing and restructuring to meet user needs within a usable site architecture. But first we needed to understand exactly what we were writing about.

Understanding through user stories

We ran our user stories session as usual, but our focus shifted to really understanding the subject matter, the University’s responsibilities under the Act, and the actions audiences would want to take.

The great stories the Data Protection team generated enabled us to get right into their content and the mindset of their audiences. It was hard going, but we got it done, and to make it easier to review, we built the new site while we were at it.

Initial feedback has been positive, but we're looking forward to detailed comments later this month.

Posted in: Content design