Show & Tell , September 12 2014

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On Friday 12th we had another bumper show and tell with attendance from our Director of Marketing no less.

Homepage Countdown

Miles, Tom Trentham and Dan talked us through their findings and rationale to their current proposal. Some of which are:

  1. Reduce the number of disconnected menus.
  2. Make it mobile friendly.
  3. Re-orderable "strata" of content to match changing priorities.

Library landing page rebuild

Kelv and Liam showed how the new Library landing page was looking and how it got made:

  • Re-use of existing assets from previous projects for maximum efficiency and consistency.
  • Months of research provided tons of data to inform our decisions.
  • We've made top tasks easier to find and mobile friendly.


Tom Natt continued his excellent series on online security. This chapter was on how Cross Site Scripting works:

  • A live demo.
  • Executes injected Javascript in the user's browser.
  • The most common exploit of all.

New CMS architecture - Wild speculation ahoy!

Phil introduced the thinking behind what we hope to achieve with our upcoming CMS rebuild:

  • A less fragile infrastructure.
  • Looking at Hugo to provide static publishing.
  • And Contentful to bootstrap content structuring.
  • "All wrapped in a bow".

The Legend of Hootsuite

Iris ran us through what Hootsuite is and what we're using it for.

  • Publishing, because you can schedule things and manage loads of accounts
  • Customer service, because you can monitor tweets to multiple accounts and assign them to the right people
  • Reputation management, because you can set up a zillion feeds and searches

Our next Show and Tell is on 26th September 2014. Come along!

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