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We’re changing the way we manage content maintenance on to make it easier for you to submit a task and keep track of its progress as we work on it. This change affects all the people we work with who look after recruitment, student, research and business content.

How the ‘process’ used to work

In the past, content contributors could email Web Editors directly or send a request through our support system, which meant it was difficult for the team to work out what needed to be completed first. Staff told us they found this confusing as it wasn’t clear who to email (and we agree).

The new content maintenance process

Our fifth delivery principle is that we “keep things simple and consistent”. Over the last six months, the team has been trialling a new content maintenance process using Trello, a collaboration tool that helps organise projects and tasks.

From today, we'll be opening up the board to staff and asking you to submit all content maintenance tasks to Using the content maintenance board means you’ll be able to see the tasks you’ve asked us to work on, where they are in the queue, and what we’re working on right now and what’s coming next.

By working in the open and sharing with you what we’re working on, you’ll be able to scrutinise our work, making us a better team and helping us to improve the service we deliver to you. You'll receive an invite to Trello when we add your task to the board for the first time.

How the board works

We work on content maintenance on Fridays unless the task has a specific deadline.

When you email us we'll add your task as a new card to the ‘Received’ column and work out what needs to be done. If we need more information, we’ll contact you and move it to ‘Queried’. Only when we have enough information to progress your task will we moved the card to ‘Agreed and Queued’.

Cards wait in the ‘Agreed and Queued' column until we are ready to work on them. Team members always take the top card unless it's already assigned to a specific person. It’s the job of the team member to progress a task until it's complete. When completed, we'll put the card in ‘Done' and email you.

Any tasks we are not able to progress will be moved to ’Stopped’. Before we do we'll try to contact you. After a month the card will be archived and you'll have to submit a new request.

You can also subscribe to cards if you'd like to be automatically updated on the progress of your task.

Making things even better

We think we can make the process of keeping content up-to-date even easier. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to iterate and release updates to the process.

In January we will be changing the way we prioritise tasks. This will take into account the urgency of the request and its impact. You'll also be asked to begin commenting and answering questions on cards, which means fewer emails in your inbox.

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