One Hour Upgrade part 4

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The idea behind One Hour Upgrade is for each member of the Digital team to spend 60 minutes working on their own initiative to make digital communications at the University of Bath better.

Things we did

  • improved the automated response when someone submits an item to our What's On calendar
  • installed the NVDA screenreader on an office laptop and wrote some instructions on how to use it
  • sourced a selection of photos for later use on our First Year student landing page
  • installed a plugin on our Opinion research blog to link back to The Conversation when a post appears in both places
  • optimised our SVG logos, improving the rendering on different screen sizes and reducing the overall file size
  • fixed some of the biggest 404 errors coming into the site over the last month
  • set up our continuous integration server to automatically check our Ruby code with Rubocop and generate an HTML report.

Five of the tasks were completed within the hour, the other two were completed within a few minutes after the whistle but we made some allowances since this was our last Upgrade for a few months whilst we turn our attention to developing our new beta website.

Things we learned

We used the experience of the three previous Upgrades to set up a sprint board for our ideas in the morning and then reserved 15 minutes before the hour deciding who would do what. Six of the tasks had people pairing on them and Kelv took on the Rubocop setup by himself.

We've only spent four hours in total performing these upgrades but have seen dozens of concrete improvements across many of the areas we work in and look forward to the next one!

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