Show & Tell, 27 March 2015

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As our beta project starts producing visible results we're making a slight change to the Show & Tell format. Each session will have a presentation of the beta product to date, with a brief overview of the features shipped in the previous sprint.

Beta demo - Ross

In the first of our project updates Ross demonstrated the fledgling CMS Editor, showing how a user can log in and create or edit content.

He also introduced Pivotal (our project management tool of choice) and talked through the backlog for our current sprint giving an overview of how we are managing the work.

CMS usage - Phil

"Who is using our CMS?" A simple question from Rich Prowse, but actually gathering meaningful data proved to be tricky.

Phil took us on a journey down the rabbit hole and showed how we hooked into the CMS authentication components to produce a raw dataset, then used a combination of our training records and person lookup system to add useful context to that data.

We learned that logging interactions within our applications has the potential to be very valuable, that writing detailed documentation is actually useful, and Rich learned to not ask any more questions.

Moving parts - Tom N

I gave an overview of the many different aspects of our beta infrastructure. From version control repositories and continuous integration servers, to the machines the applications run on, and the databases they talk to - all have needed careful configuration for each of the environments we are running.

I went through the building blocks that are now in place to allow us to effectively develop the beta applications.

Events booking discovery - Liam

We have been investigating new ways to book University events and Liam gave us a run-down of the selection process which led us to Eventbrite.

Starting with how we currently book and promote events, the team gathered a range of requirements from our users and organised them into 'must', 'should' and 'could' categories. Our review candidates were prioritised by these requirements and Iris spent a week reviewing the most promising options. By the end, Eventbrite came out as the best option for our needs.

Meanwhile, Kelv spent some time looking at the various APIs and quickly discovered that Eventbrite also won in this field by a clear margin.

Eventbite API - Kelv

Finally, Kelv gave us a demonstration of his work with the Eventbrite API which is expected to form the basis of our eventual application. We want to be able to manage events through our own screens, but to save the event back to Eventbrite.

Kelv gave a quick overview of the important features of a good API and then showed us his discovery work, creating an event and pushing it to Eventbrite.

Why not join us for a future Show & Tell? You can see the forthcoming talks on our agenda page or if there is something specific you want discussed, get in contact and we'll see what we can do.

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