Advice for lead publishers managing new content requests

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In the last 2 weeks, we have met with over 20 teams to introduce the new and publishing platform. In these meetings, lead publishers often asked us how to manage new content requests while working on the Beta.

We hope this guidance will help you to handle this process.

Tell members of your team about the Beta

The first thing you should do is explain what is happening, what stage of transition you’re working on and how you’ll be managing new content requests while you work on

If you need to reference our resources you can use our blog post announcing the Beta or slide deck explaining the move to the new CMS.

Make sure you agree how to prioritise new requests with your line manager in advance so they can support you.

When you receive a request

Ask the member of staff who they want to reach with their content, why they want to reach them and what they want to achieve.

The University uses a number of different platforms which can reach different audiences, using different types of content. There are more options for content than just words.

Alternative platforms include:

  • Flickr
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter.

Search the website

If the University website is the right platform, search using our internal site search for similar content. You’ll be surprised at how often a page already exists on the subject - that page might need updating or could be developed further.

Creating new content

If it’s clear that you’ll need to create new content, ask if this is something they need to do right now.

Working with the requestor early on will help you to understand if the deadline they’ve set is achievable, and is something you’ll be able to support. If it’s clear you’ll not be able to help, there are always other options.

Is this request something that the member of staff could create themselves using the CMS? If so, sit down together and agree a schedule. Make sure you include time to review their work and talk them through your feedback - the important thing here is to allocate a fixed time to complete this task.

If they’re not trained to use the CMS, you can still use this approach - instead, ask them to create the content in a Word document and then add it to the CMS yourself.

We’re here to help

The way to successfully manage new requests is to make sure you understand as much as possible early on. This will allow you to advise the member of staff correctly and provide the support they need.

If you still need help, then email your “single point of contact” in the Digital team and we’ll be in touch.

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