Automatically shipping early and often

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We're an agile team, but rather than dogmatically follow a proscriptive capital-a Agile methodology we try to hew closely to the principles behind the Agile Manifesto.

Principle 3:

"Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months)"

We're trying to do better than that. Sixty days after starting, we made the 100th release of our beta CMS to the staging server and the 21st release to our production server.

As Kelv has described before, "staging" is where features get deployed as and when they are completed so that we can run acceptance testing before they move into our production and training environments.

This little milestone represents many hundreds of individual changes by both developers and content writers over the last few months. Because each change is automatically sent to our servers when it's completed, this milestone happened completely transparently and with no fuss. This is exactly as it should be!

This is the first project where we've used Continuous Delivery. It did take some time to plan and set up the infrastructure in advance, and because we're still in development we're yet to battle-test the fact that the frequent deployments are totally seamless for people using the CMS. Nevertheless, the fact that we can deploy whenever we choose is a massive time-saver, allowing us to maintain a state of flow for sustained periods.

Some of our other projects are still using point-in-time pre-scheduled releases which we need to run manually and they already feel archaic. We're hopeful that we can take many of the processes we've developed during the CMS beta and apply them to these other applications, removing the burden of having to remember (or look up) many different deployment configuration intricacies.

Posted in: Agile, Beta, Content Publisher, Development, Digital transformation