Improving the international country pages

Posted in: Content design

We provide international applicants with specific information on entry requirements, funding and scholarships, university services for international students, how to contact an agent and forthcoming visits. All of this information is on our country pages.

As part of the development of the Beta site and the University's new International Strategy, we aim to improve the international content across the website. In June, we performed an audit of 51 country pages and discovered that:

  • content did not address specific user needs
  • there was duplicated information that also appeared in the prospectus
  • user journeys were fragmented making it difficult for applicants to find information
  • the layout of the information was not consistent.

As a result, we have made the following immediate improvements:

  • created tailored content to meet specific user needs for each country
  • removed duplicated content
  • updated the entry requirements, scholarships, agents and forthcoming visits information
  • re-ordered and re-named the tabs to improve user journeys.

For the next step, we will continue to monitor the external traffic to these pages and make iterative improvements based on the data.

Posted in: Content design