Publishers, prepare for launch

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On 2 September our new content management system will go live and department web publishers will be able to start using it to upload content. Which is very exciting.

Because of the large volume of content that is being transitioned, we will be moving departments across in groups (between now and December) so that the Digital team can be on hand to provide support.

People discussing design mock-ups
Digital will support departments as they move their content

A new CMS for a new site

The new CMS is very easy to use and will support the new University website. While your department is getting its content ready in the CMS, you will be able to see the work in progress at

Once your department is happy with its content, a date will be agreed to 'switch-over’ to the new site, which is the point that you’ll no longer be able to visit the old version.

The CMS will go live with the essential features that publishers will need to use to get their information online. We'll be adding new features over the coming weeks and publishing a prioritised feature list online so that you can see what is coming next. And, of course, you’ll be able to put forward suggestions for new features and improvements to existing ones.

Ready, steady

While you are waiting to transition your content you can:

  1. keep refining the user needs for your content
  2. practice with the content types in the training version of the CMS
  3. show off the new CMS and site designs to colleagues in your department.

There will be a 'transition checklist' provided to each lead publisher in the weeks ahead of each department's transition to help coordinate everyone's activity.

If you haven't been involved in the project to date and you want to know when your content is moving across, the best thing to do is contact the person who heads up your communications activity in your department. If you aren't sure who that person is, contact us via

Posted in: Beta, Content Publisher