Changes to content maintenance during the beta

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This week we reviewed the changes we introduced in April to content maintenance in preparation for the start of the new academic year.

To make sure that we can continue to support lead publishers who are working on transitioning content, we will only support business-critical content maintenance tasks. You can submit tasks by emailing

‘Business critical’ is any content which is required for the University to function, and if not updated could stop our users from completing tasks or cause the University reputation, financial or legal risk. For example:

  • homepage updates
  • clearing and adjustment
  • changes to visa regulations
  • course fees
  • financial statements
  • induction
  • league table ranking
  • changes to travel advice for disabled users

You should still:

  • report problems with the CMS and website
  • report broken links
  • report factual inaccuracies

If you’re still not sure if a task is business-critical you can call me.

If you submit a task and we don’t think it is critical, we’ll email you to ask you for more information before we make a decision.

If we decide the task isn’t critical, we’ll do one of two things:

  • for changes to existing content - we’ll email you, place the work on hold and pick it up after the beta concludes
  • for new content - the Digital team’s management will review the request and arrange a time to meet to discuss how we can support you

If you have any questions, please get in touch or comment below.

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