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We have written a lot recently about the new projects we have been working on, particularly the CMS Beta. However, we also need to support users with existing products and services alongside this, which is where my job as a Digital Supporter comes in.

When you have an issue or question about a service or product we offer then you email

I pick this up and one of 3 things happen:

  • it is dealt with at the first point of contact
  • we request further information where needed
  • it is escalated to the Content or Development team for further investigation

On average, 19.6% of requests needed further information so far this year. This is 3.2% up on last year. If we don’t have all the information we need to resolve your request then we need to ask for it which means it takes longer to resolve it. So, if you do need to contact us for support it would be helpful if you can include the following:

  • the system or service you are enquiring about
  • the URL (web address) of the page or service
  • details of any error messages you are receiving if you are having an issue with one of our services

Performance of support

As part of my role I produce monthly support reports which detail how we did during the previous month. Compared to the same period (January – August) last year:

  • we had 107 less requests in total but we had 41 more requests specifically for Digital Support
  • we are resolving more tickets in 1 day
  • our average resolution time is 8 hours less per month

The main request so far this year is for changes to be made to pages in our existing CMS. A majority of page changes are made at first point of contact which reduces the burden on the Content Team.

More information on how support is performing can be found on the support statistics wiki page (login required)


One of the best indicators that we are doing our job well is to ask you to provide us feedback on our service. We do this by sending a link to a feedback form when we resolve a request. Our average feedback return rate to date for this year is 27.4% and we would like to increase this so please complete the form when you receive it. It only takes a couple of minutes and it will help us to improve our service to you. Of course, you can always provide feedback at any time by emailing

Next steps

We currently aim to resolve the requests received into support within 48 hours. We do this by triaging requests that come in based on urgency and impact. I would like to formalise the support process in the near future by setting up a Service Level Agreement.

I have been working on an internal knowledgebase which enables other members of the team to cover support efficiently in my absence. I am extending this to provide a Service Catalogue and knowledgebase for users so that some of the most common queries can be resolved without even contacting us. Users can also see the products and services we offer.


If you have any questions about the products and services we offer or our processes then feel free to contact

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