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We have 39 active blogs on and they are proving very popular. Traffic to our blogs last year increased by 175% and we have a healthy balance of new and returning visitors.

The popularity is a satisfying reward for our bloggers, who have been sharing fantastic insights into what's going on throughout the University campus and beyond.

Valuable insights

Highlights have included:

  • our 1st year undergrads posting about life and learning at Bath, as well as providing useful advice to those applying to study here.
  • Dr Philippe Blondel with his Sounds of the planet dispatches from the challenging research conditions he encountered in the Arctic
  • Stefano Simoncelli keeping us hooked on his PhD studying daily migrations of zooplankton
  • the Opinion blog's much-sought after source of expert commentary from our academics on the big national and international topics of the moment
  • the Travel Advice blog which has become a secret source of protips for staff, students and visitors on getting to and from campus by the quickest, easiest routes
  • Miao, our International Digital Editor, sharing what she learned on visiting our peers in Harvard's digital teams.

Our blogs platform is still in its early stages of development. Yet these few examples above demonstrate how blogging is expanding the editorial and engagement options open to those running our research, recruitment and student experience activities. There are many more fascinating posts to be discovered, so dig in at

More to it

It’s important that our blogs contribute something distinct to the main website. Where is informative, the blogs on must be insightful. For our blogs to be worth visiting they need to provide a behind-the-scenes view into the workings of a role, project, department or the University at an organisational level in a way that would not otherwise be available.

Teasing out the purpose and contribution of each blog is an important discussion that takes place between Digital and bloggers when we set up each blog. It’s been recommended to us that our onboarding process for new bloggers could be improved by providing a written account of blogger responsibilities and what is desirable content for the blogs versus the main site. So we’ve done just that and the guidance has been published on the University wiki.

Blogs can be run by staff or students of the University, either as individuals or - even better - as teams.If you are interested in getting started, please email

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