What tech we use to test our CMS: Minitest and Capybara

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The road less travelled

For the Editor side of our new CMS, we have made a couple of choices in testing that are a little bit off the beaten track.

For starters we are using Minitest instead of RSpec. Most Rails devs will pick RSpec as that's what comes out of the box. And Rails devs who have been around for a few years are already familiar with RSpec.


You say shoulda, we say assert

We favoured Minitest because of the low barrier to entry it provided us. As a dev house that had mostly written apps in Java in the past, we're already comfortable with unit tests. We're also already familiar with the assertion style. We felt that as a new DSL to learn it's a much smaller and easier set to absorb than compared to RSpec.

On top of that we're using Capybara to run functional tests. This is yet another DSL to learn. We could've overwhelmed ourselves with DSLs! This is again written in Minitest assertions.

This is not without any downsides.

With RSpec and specs being the most common approach, examples and documentation are almost all written in that way. So we still have to negotiate the nuances of spec tests when reading examples. But because we're still unfamiliar to spec tests they're slightly impenetrable. On balance we've lowered the barrier to adoption and got to shipping code quicker. We were already on a learning curve with Rails itself so the early win was worth it.

The wider picture

With our stack we have 2 discrete services, glued together by Redis. Our current problem is that we only have tests for the CMS Editor and not the end to end publishing process. We do have some unit tests on the CMS Publisher middle layer. This is the bit that receives data from the CMS Editor (via Redis) on publish (or preview) and calls Hugo to render out our pages as static HTML. What we want is a way to test the functionality from the point of creating a new piece of content all the way to rendering it out as a final piece of HTML. Currently the impact to the front end from changes we make on the CMS Editor (for example) are obscured from us.

What we'd like to do is make use of something like Docker and auto deploy all the apps via our CI server Bamboo. We'd then have an end to end containerised system we could run full functional tests against. We'd also end up with the front end outputs which we could run regression tests on.

This is all stuff we plan for the future. Hopefully the next time I post we'll have achieved some of that!

Posted in: Development


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