One Hour Upgrade part 5

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A photo of Phil prioritising the One Hour Upgrade improvements with post-it notes
Prioritising the One Hour Upgrade improvements.

The idea behind One Hour Upgrade is for each member of the Digital team to spend 60 minutes working on their own initiative to make our digital processes, infrastructure or products better.

Using the lessons learned from our previous upgrades, we spent 30 minutes on Thursday making suggestions and prioritising them by voting for our favourites. On Friday, everyone picked up items either by themselves or in teams and focused on delivery. After 59 minutes, the countdown kicked in.

Things we did

  • shipped a new 404 page (we had to add some Google Analytics tracking later)
  • brought the Travel Advice transition Trello board up to date and shipped one of the two remaining pages
  • built a new Trello board for managing blog posts with an improved process and guidelines for publishing them
  • designed a form for submitting new requests to our support helpdesk
  • built a prototype video extolling the many and varied virtues of working with us (spoiler: cake)

Things we learned

  • we have a whole lot of ideas for improving almost every aspect of what we do (36 submissions during planning, 18 of which got votes during prioritisation)
  • separating planning from the upgrade hour works nicely
  • technical improvements are hard to get shipped in the time - these should always be paired
  • we love doing this and are going to make One Hour Upgrade a regular thing that happens on the first Friday of every month

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  • Hello - will the 404 page always be at /donuts?

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    • Thanks Rayner.

      Fortunately, you can choose from many different spellings of doughnut and get the same result 🙂